2nd Annual CSC/TCC 8 Ball Bash

2nd Annual CSC/TCC 8 Ball Bash


  • The last heat in the surf contest is at 1:00pm, which will allow us plenty of time to get more players involved in the pool tournament.
  • We have made a change to allow individual signups instead of just teams. This will allow people who haven't yet found a playing partner to pair up with someone on the day of the tournament.
  • We have changed from a flat $40 per team fee to an open donation format. Please donate whatever you can afford, and most of all HAVE FUN! 

Last year's inaugural event was such a hit that we've upped our game this year with a revamped trophy which will be on permanent display at the West End bar. The trophy has been put under glass and now has a large wooden base where each year's winners names will be enshrined for posterity on engraved plaques. 

For the beneficiary of this year's event we've chosen local legend Masi Saili, who lost everything in the fires at Lahaina, Maui. Our hearts go out to the Saili family and we are contributing 100% of this year's proceeds to their cause.

Masi at the Pump House at Tourmaline, chasing down Herb Bradley on a G&S noserider as I try not to get run over with my camera!
Masi at the Pump House at Tourmaline, chasing down Herb Bradley on a G&S noserider as I try not to get run over with my camera!




The tournament will take place Saturday, October 7 at the West End Bar at the west end of Turquoise Street, two blocks from the Tourmaline lot. Please sign up ahead of time here on the site to ensure a spot. If there are still spots available we will begin taking entries at 3pm, with the tourney kicking off at 6pm.

The tournament will include a field of 16 mixed doubles teams, one male and one female. Each team must have at least one member who is a competitor in the TCC surf contest. All contestants must be 21 or older to enter the bar. Each match will be a single game and the bracket format will be double elimination.

pbsc tcc cardiff surf club west end bar 8 ball bash finalists 2022

The suggested donation is $40 per team, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Saili family. Please feel free to donate whatever amount you wish to help their cause

The play will be “Scotch Doubles” 8 ball, which means the partners on each team take alternate shots when they are in command of the table. 

For example here's an imaginary game featuring the team of Lloyd and Ella vs Adelaide and Quinn. A shot sequence might go something like this:

  1. Lloyd breaks, makes a stripe
  2. Ella makes a stripe
  3. Lloyd misses
  4. Adelaide makes a solid
  5. Quinn makes a solid
  6. Adelaide makes a solid
  7. Quinn makes a solid
  8. Adelaide makes a solid
  9. Quinn misses
  10. Ella makes a stripe
  11. Lloyd makes a stripe
  12. Ella makes a stripe
  13. Lloyd makes a stripe
  14. Ella misses
  15. … and so on.


The brackets will be updated live at https://app.scoreholio.com/link/zmH3.


The rules used will be a slightly modified version of the house rules for 8 ball at the West End:

  1. Pocket scratches only (cue ball goes in a pocket)
    1. No table scratches (such as hitting an opponent's ball first, failing to hit one of your balls)
    2. In case of a scratch the cue ball goes in the kitchen.
    3. When shooting at the 8 ball, if no contact is made with the 8, the cue ball must hit at least 3 rails, and if the cue ball fails to do so, opponent gets ball in hand anywhere on the table.
  2. Call pocket, not shot:
    1. No need to say “7 in the corner off the 15”, just “7 in the corner” is all you need to say.
    2. No matter how the 7 goes in, as long as it goes in the pocket you called and the shot was clean (7 is the first ball contacted by the cue ball) you get to keep shooting.
  3. Open table until a ball is legally pocketed after the break
  4. Early 8/scratch on 8 is a loss
  5. If the 8 ball is made on the break it gets spotted and the game goes on. In the case of the 8 ball being made on the break with a cue ball scratch, the 8 gets spotted and game goes on, with the other team shooting from the kitchen with an open table.
  6. No jump/masse shots over the shoulder
  7. No safeties are allowed. If you cannot legally call a ball and pocket (for example: cue ball or object ball trapped by opponent’s balls and remembering that jump shots are not allowed), you must forfeit your shot and the opponent must play the cue ball from where it sits.

We will post any updates to the rules promptly on this page, and we will also announce any major news or updates via our newsletter and social media. 

Signup online here to ensure a spot, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

Stay rad,

Event Details

Date and Time 10-07-2023 3:00 pm
Ending Date and Time 10-07-2023 9:00 pm
Capacity 16
Registered 7 [View List]
Number of spots available 9
Entry Fee $40 per team suggested donation
Location West End Bar

Group Rate

#Competitors Rate/Person ($)
2 20.00

Venue Information - West End Bar

Registered Competitors

NUM First Name Last Name Competitors Divisions Registration Date
1 Vince Bodie 1 Men: 1 10-01-2023
2 Gayla Donovan 1 Men: 1 10-06-2023
3 Shaun Donovan 1 Women: 1 10-06-2023
4 Scott English 1 Men: 1 09-29-2023
5 Nico Espinoza 0 10-06-2023
6 Katherine Ito 1 Women: 1 09-29-2023
7 Megan McMartin 1 10-06-2023

Divisions and Entry Fees

Division Price Number of spots available
Men $20.00 13
Women $20.00 14

We are no longer accepting online registration for this event. You may still be able to register in person on the day of the event if there are any openings in your age division.

Location Map

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