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If you are reading this, then you made your way to the Club's website. Thank you!!!

Crazy times! The water is Cold for summer, and the novel Covid 19 pandemic appears to be hitting us hard for a second time this year - like the lower ocean temps. Oh The Humanity! The pandemic has prevented us from having our regular monthly meetings, and Coalition and non-Coalition contest events have been cancelled as well. Our own events - the 22nd Annual Summer Longboard Classic in June, and the 11th Annual TCC (Tourmaline Club Challenge) in October have been cancelled.

Meetings: Not really sure when our next first Thursday of the month meeting at the PB VFW will take place. Please check back with this site and/or FB.

The following are some noteworthy mentions:

  1. The Kiosk at the Tourmaline carpark needs a new window/door. Any takers?

  2. Our 11th Annual TCC with Cardiff Surf Club for October at Tourmaline Surf Park has been cancelled.

  3. Jesse Grigolite, a senior at Mission Bay HS was awarded the Rincon Invitational, Groundswell Society, Dr. Walter Munk Foundation Scholarship for $500.00. PBSC along with Coach Farrar were responsible for her being selected. No doubt Ms. Grigolite's grades, testimonials, and accomplishments were stellar.

  4. Union Bank, after hearing of the Club's philanthropy and generosity to the PB community (monies given to MBHS, PBMS, Firefighters, StayHomeSD), gave the PBSC a check for $1,000.00. That's a First! Not Too Bad! We will be good fiduciaries and stewards with these fund$.

If the covid thing persists this may be a regular thing. As always, we appreciate your comments and input - as long as balanced and tasteful.

The last few days had some fun surf and today the water temp appeared to be a bit more comfortable. Maybe because I had my 4/3 on. Anyways, let's hope that this is a sign for some of the Crazy Times to be not so Crazy!

Stay Healthy My Friends,

Ron Greene

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