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Vince shared 6 photos in the Stream Photos album 23/11/2022

I really don't want to have to post this, but my brother Laurent Kramer had four surfboards stolen from our storage, including two Skip Frye boards and two by Gordon & Smith. The Fryes include a 10'0" Eagle (light blue with triple stringers) and a yellow Egg model. The G&S boards are both blue - a Kevin Connelly shaped noserider and a blue "long fish" with black paw prints (the "Tula board''). If you see any of these boards anywhere please try to talk to whomever has them and let them know they have stolen property. You can also call me directly at (858) 276-1396. Thanks and wish us luck... Show more

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Vince The Connelly 2 weeks ago
Chris Lowe has a new avatar. 14/11/2022

This is seriously cool! Love the little story and the surf footage is boss!😎

"Grimace" by The Tourmaliners

"Grimace" by The TourmalinersPacific RecordsFrom the upcoming full length album "Surfidia"Audio Recording Credits:Produced By: Miles ClowminzerWritten By: De...

Paul Awalt shared a photo. 19/08/2022

Vince shared 5 photos in the Stream Photos album 08/08/2022

We recently got an email from the artist who painted the mural on the wall at Tourmaline (Fernando David Pinon) stating that he would like to do some much needed touchup and asking if the club would like to contribute financially. Here are some pics I took on Sunday, and be prepared to discuss at this week's meeting!

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Vince shared a photo in Vincent Sanantonio's profile. 30/07/2022

A couple weeks back... yah brah!

A couple weeks back... yah brah!

Vince is friends with Vincent Sanantonio

Paul Awalt shared a photo. 25/07/2022

2nd Day of Swell
Natalie Silance and 26 others have joined the group Contest Team 21/07/2022

Hi Celia, Last nights meeting was great and seemed to touch all the right boxes. I would like to...

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