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Vince shared 5 photos in the Stream Photos album 08/08/2022

We recently got an email from the artist who painted the mural on the wall at Tourmaline (Fernando David Pinon) stating that he would like to do some much needed touchup and asking if the club would like to contribute financially. Here are some pics I took on Sunday, and be prepared to discuss at this week's meeting!

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Vince shared a photo in Vincent Sanantonio's profile. 30/07/2022

A couple weeks back... yah brah!

A couple weeks back... yah brah!

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Paul Awalt shared a photo. 25/07/2022

2nd Day of Swell
Natalie Silance and 26 others have joined the group Contest Team 21/07/2022

Hi Celia, Last nights meeting was great and seemed to touch all the right boxes. I would like to...

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Great shots, Scott! Thanks for the link!

Longboard Classic - 6/4/22 - Scott Flanders

Longboard Classic at Tourmaline

Vince Everyone should check out the link, there are a LOT of great photos there! 2 months ago

Ed Hartel was kind enough to make some great drone footage at the SLC contest before the moist air shut him down around 10:30am:

Born and raised on Oahu, HI. Currently attending USD.

Natalie Silance and 80 others have joined the group Club Members 08/06/2022

Look what Channel 8 just pulled out of their vaults! Check out some of the boards, wow! So cool, only wish it was longer!😎

Surfing at San Diego's Tourmaline Surf Park in...

In the late 1960s TV 8 had a series called Young America. On April 4, 1969, anchor/reporter Nicki Pierce filed this surfing report. On Young America tonight,...

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